The short version. 

It’s for people who want more from life.

Have you ever said:

“Is THIS all there is? or “I want MORE from life” 

If thats you, then welcome. 

The longer version and what that has to do with Brave?

Our belief is that amazing things happen when we step outside our comfort zone. When we embrace uncertainty and change. 

We did this as a family. We share this story in our International #1 Best Selling book Where the Magic Happens”. This is our story of going from your regular suburban family with a struggling marriage and business to building multiple successful ventures, sailing around the world and transforming our relationships.

Our Brave mission now is to help other people just like you to create businesses that can run without you so that you can go and create amazing family life changing experiences.

Join our Upcoming online Workshop

How to go from Surviving to Thriving (in Business and in Life)  

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to create a business that can run without you so that you can thrive with your own life changing experiences.

This is for you if you can identify with any of these>

1) You feel you are doing everything on your own and aren’t earning enough money

2) You have a lack of belief or You don’t know to make it happen

3) You know your business model is broken - you are seen as an interchangeable commodity.

As with everything in life, you have options:

1) Do nothing and "hope it gets better

2) Be Brave (both in business and life) and find a path through.

For 90 minutes, we’d like to be your guides and steer you through a path that will set your ideas and thoughts in a direction to creating a life where you are truly living on your own terms.

Your options to join the online workshop are:

Monday 3rd December 1pm

Monday 3rd December 8pm

Saturday 8th December 8pm

In a years time, you will be somewhere. The only question is where that somewhere will be.