Thrive at Home to Thrive at Work.

What if?

What if you felt BOTH fulfilled and happy at Home AND had purpose and success at Work.

It’s entirely possible.

BUT. And its an important BUT.

This rarely happens by accident.

You only get this by deliberately, specifically and consciously choosing it. And then making it happen.

That person.

That person who grabs hold of that.

And makes it happen.

That is the Brave YOU.

Do you ever say:

I want MORE from life” 

“Is THIS all there is?

“We don’t want the same thing”

“I want my work to mean something”

Then we can and want to help you.

Our Mission is to inspire and give practical advice to millions of people every year to have fulfillment at home and purpose and success at work.

Thrive at Home to Thrive at Work

Who are we?

We’re Caspar and Nichola Craven - Co-Founders of The Brave You.

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Back in 2009, we struggled at home and at work.

We changed everything by making a decision to put Family First. We made a bold plan to create the wealth to enable us to sail the world with our young family.

Unexpectedly for us, creating a thriving home life led to a thriving work life.

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You can read the full story in our #1 International Best Seller Book “Where The Magic Happens” or watch/ read some of the media coverage here.

This experience shaped our life and business and philosophy which we now want to share with you.

Whats the Transformation we help you create?

We help people just like you to Thrive at Home so that you can Thrive at Work.

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I want to learn from people who have made significant changes in their business and personal lives and who have achieved huge goals.

I want people who are ahead of me.

I’ve left Caspar and Nichola’s events with direction, purpose and conviction -

Charlotte Phillips

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Finally, a toolkit to design a life around whats important to me and my family.

Greg Page, CMO and Co-Founder Inspire Digital

Corinne Card.jpg

Caspar and Nichola’s events and training have opened my mind to a wealth of opportunities for our business and our future.

We’ve looked at our work with fresh eyes and already made exciting transformational plans for the future.

Corinne Card - Co-Founder Full Story Media

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Thought provoking, challenging. An investment that pays back on a daily basis.

Tim Hargraves, Brand Manager


The event was so inspiring. I am buzzing with excitement and can’t wait when I can implement all the ideas. I have met some incredible people and had an opportunity to get advice from people that have achieved loads and are very successful.

Linda Pupova, HouseWife.

Oliver Codrington.jpg

6 months after attending one of Caspar and Nichola’s events, we stopped to reflect on how much our world had changed. My business now virtually runs without me freeing up over 80% of my time and our relationship is on another level entirely.

Oliver Codrington, Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Advisor

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Uplifting, Empowering, Idea Generating, Given us a sense of belief in ourselves and our dreams,

Kia and Nick Cannons

Are YOU Ready to find the Brave YOU?

Option 1 - Free - Get Chapter 1 of our book - free of charge.

Option 2 - £29 - Online Training Course. How to find purpose in life, your relationships and at work -

In this course, Caspar and Nichola take you through the exact process they used to discover purpose and meaning in their relationship, their life and their business. You’ll learn the single most important decision they made that literally changed everything in their world and took them from struggling to thriving. The decision that enabled them to sail round the world for 2 years whilst at the same time building and selling a business for a 7 figure sum. Email us to get details: