Welcome to this session on “How to Unleash Your SuperPowers”.

This is a practical session which you can use either for yourself or as we have across the teams that we work in. This module was originally delivered as part of a 12 week online training course on how to build a business capable of running without you.

For now, grab a pen and paper, hit the play button and follow the steps in the training session.


In this session, you’ll learn all you need to undertake a super practical exercise to garner feedback from people who know you best and to look for the common themes in that feedback. In that zone, you will get a clear set of insights as to where your superpowers and strengths are.

If you have any questions, email us at Caspar@CasparCraven.com.

We hope that you enjoy the session and the practical insights it provides. If you would like to go deeper, you can learn more about the full course here or take this additional module on how to Uncover Hidden and Missed Opportunities in your business.